“That Giant”

I remember being bullied throughout middle school by these twin sisters and everyday after school they would wait for me to get off the bus and just terrorize and push me around. At times I would get off the bus first and power walk home.  I could hear them calling me names from afar and those feelings of fear paralyzingly me.  I would have nightmares of these girls just taunting me and could hear their laughter.  This reminded me of the story of Goliath.  He would terrorize the Israelites, laughing and mocking them from morning until night. By terrorizing them it created fear and kept them from going up against him.

As I was reflecting this morning, I asked myself “What are the giants in my life that terrorize and try to paralyze me”? Many different ones came to mind: fear of failure, maybe not having clear direction about certain things with my career or life.  Or certain health issues that have popped up and allowing fear to take root in my heart, due to fear of the unknown.  All the while I am in the waiting room, anxiously waiting for the doctor to tell me the diagnosis of all of my different emotional symptoms.

How many times in our lives have we allowed fear to taunt us, nibble at us and destroy our peace and faith?  How many times have we made those giants look bigger than who God is?  David went up against Goliath and he was a scrunny little guy.  He tried to use his own weapons at first, but it was that one stone that knocked Goliath down.

So I probe this question “What weapons are you using: your human strength, fillers, are you running in the opposite direction when things come up, crumbling under pressure or will you pull out that one stone and knock that giant down?”

One day as I was getting off that bus I finally had the courage to stand up against the twins and took my umbrella and came out swinging.  The twins were shock and a little taken back.  After so many different incidents I decided to take a stand that day.  Do you know that they never messed with me again!

Remember God is bigger than that giant!  He has given you the stones (promises) to fight against them and so take comfort that “He is with you”. Take the stand today and pull out your stone and knock that giant down!

Isaiah 41:10: “Don’t fear because I am with you; don’t be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will surely help you; I will hold you with my righteous strong hand”.

2 thoughts on ““That Giant”

  1. Luis

    Wow sandy what a great word. It made me ponder on what fears am I running from. Thanks for shearing your heart. I will Buy and new umbrella today one with a pointer.


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