20 seconds…

antique-clock-conceptual-1010513There I was gasping for air, holding onto the railing for dear life, thinking in my head, “I am going to die”.   Somehow in the back of mind, I got this crazy idea that I would start running, well more of jog on the treadmill. I was trying to do this crazy thing called HIIT, High-Intensity Interval Training.  Yeah, the only intensity that was happening was my breathing and my heart-rate. I could see myself being a runner, before my attempt but in my current reality, it was more of a jog and fast walk.  In that one minute interval, whenever those last 20 seconds came it would hit me and felt like I was going to pass out.  Every time I would hit the next interval I thought, “I am not going to make it”, but yet there went that other interval I overcame!

How many times in our lives we feel we are being pushed towards that next interval due to the intensity of it and stopped.  Not realizing if we just would of pushed through those few moments we would of made it, versus giving up because it became too hard and wondering what would of happened if I would of stayed and pushed through.  Life at times can feel so hard especially when it’s new territory and fear of the unknown.  Today, you may feel as if you are drowning and are gasping for air, like I was on that treadmill!  I am not sure what interval or level of intensity your in and are trying to hold onto for dear life. But I am here to tell you “This too shall pass”.  You will overcome and even though it seems like your not going to make it, I am here to tell you, “YOUR GOING TO MAKE IT”!

I wish I can tell you that I became that runner that I had envisioned, but honestly, I am okay with the jog/walk for now.  I know the more I practice at those intervals the better I will become at them.  Eventually it being a constant run and flying through those those intervals.  I am better today, than yesterday!

So I leave you with this, put on those running shoes and keep going! Remember to hold on, it may be hard at first and you may be gasping for air, but you will look back and see how far you have come! Whether it is that you turned your jog into a run, or you wrote your first blog, or you did not yell at your kid today or walked away from that relationship that was toxic or changed your thought process! Whatever that interval looks like for you, and no matter how intense it it, YOU WILL OVERCOME!

Celebrate and rejoice in the small things and laugh at the voice that told you, “You can not do this, or you will never get pass this”.  You can just go ahead and kick the devil in his teeth, let him know “Look at what I did and how I OVERCAME that interval”. Even if it felt like you were barely going to make it through,  YOU DID IT!  I have overcome a lot of different intervals in my life and it still gets hard and sticky, but I tell myself, “You will overcome, no matter if I am crawling over that interval” So I know if I did it, you can too!

Life Application

  • Look at those intervals in your life: finances, family, addictions, relationships, etc.
  • Get on those running shoes.
  • Start running and hold on…
  • Kick the devil in his face and let him know, ‘That what he sent to destroy you, was the very thing YOU OVERCAME!

And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, (Hebrews 12:1, NIV)

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus (Phillippians 3:14, NIV).

Be blessed!

Carrier’s of Hope


Breathing Hope one Life at Time!

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