Where is that smell coming from?


“Where is that smell coming from?”  You find yourself looking around trying to figure out where the stench is!  You continue to search and still can’t find it.  It could be miles away but your nose has picked up the smell that it almost makes you gag.  I found where the smell is coming from, the landfill up ahead.

Have you ever really looked at a landfill?  You see all the trash that has been dumped and continues to pile up.  Then the smell is like something you have never smelled before. Every day the dump truck comes and dumps out all the trash it has picked up for the day.  No one goes through the trash to separate what is good or not it just gets dumped.

This made me reflect on our thoughts and how much our mind gets dumped on.  We have anywhere from 20,000-70,000 thoughts per day.  That is so fascinating and overwhelming to me all at the same time!  I mean no wonder why we may feel so overloaded. This means that about 35-48 thoughts per minute come through our minds. I have seen some stats saying that about eighty percent of those are negative thoughts.  So that leaves about twenty percent for positive thoughts.  All of sudden I see the landfill picture come up in my mind.  All different types of garbage goes into one location and gets dumped.

As I was on my way home, I started to get those racing thoughts, asking myself “Am I dreaming too much?”  “Am I called to do great things, or will I ever see those things I have dreamed about come to pass?”  There came that smell up again and I was reminded of the landfill.  It is so easy to just reminisce on what is not happening versus what actually is! My husband and I have this thing we like to call “Stinking Thinking”.  It is where our thoughts are smelling so bad.  It happens so fast and there comes the dump truck and emptied its load for the day.

I have found over eight-four scriptures that address our thoughts. The word says, “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ”.  Clearly, Jesus know that we would struggle with our thoughts.  I am so thankful for his word and being able to apply that to my “Stinking Thinking.   So when the dump truck tries to deliver it sees that this landfill has been cleared out and closed for business!

Life Application 

  • I want to challenge and ask if you have located where the smell is coming from?
  • Are you allowing the dump truck to do its drop off?  That it’s created a landfill with such a strong stench that you can’t stand the smell of your own thoughts?
  • You have to identify when it’s happening, if not the dump truck is beeping its horn getting ready to make its delivery.
  • Remember no more, “Stinking Thinking”.

I hope this ministered to you, as it’s definitely ministered to me! I love how God sets me up.  In how I am able to share my vulnerability and own life experiences with you.  Do me a favor, and share (dump this forward) to someone who you feel can use a word of encouragement today!

Be Blessed,

Sandy Cortes, Founder of Carrier’s of Hope

Breathing Hope One Life at a Time! 






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