Trust the Process

I never realized how vital this is to our lives. I recall doing an outreach many years ago where a group of us had to rely on the other person to catch us and had to have our backs turned while doing it.

You never really know what your made of until your put to the test. I recall being so afraid of putting my trust in someone else’s hand and hoping they would catch me.

So many different emotions were screaming in my head, “What if they drop me, what if they can’t hold my weight?”. I was in a major panic and contemplating if I was I going to do this. I already knew I had trust issues and this was only going to bring that out even more in front of my peers.

How many times in our lives have we let ourselves go and put our trust in someone else and was dropped? Trust can be so hard to let go and give, especially if you have been dropped a lot.

My husband was reading something to me the other day where it read, “Forgiveness can be freely given, but trust is earned”. I chewed on that for a little bit and thought, “How true that statement was”. Trust is not something we freely give to others especially if we have been dropped a few times.

I have been burned many times by people that were either in leadership or loved ones and/or people in general. Each time it was hard to come and turn my back and allow someone to catch me.

At times I’ve still contemplated if I was going to allow someone to catch me. Or decided that I was going to put my trust in myself.

This created being self-reliance and independent in myself. Being in my own island. Where their was no room for growth and placed lot of pressure in doing things on my own strength.

That day I continued to tell myself, “Sandy, you can totally do this”. Next thing I knew I closed my eyes, clenched my fist and did it afraid and guess what? They caught me””.

It was one of the most liberating things I had ever done. To just let go and trust the process. That all the fears I had of dropping me or holding my weight were just that fears.

So where are you in this process?

  • Are you willing to turn your back and allow someone to catch you?

  • Or are you going to continue to rely on yourself and see where that gets you?

Carrier’s of Hope

Sandy Cortes

Breathing Hope One Life at Time


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