How does one forgive?

Isn’t it hard to forgive someone who has wronged us? Especially when the person doesn’t even recognize the pain they have caused?

Forgiveness is a process, one that begins with a declaration that we are willing to trust God with our pain and the person who wronged us, but then it’s a continual movement toward that trust as the feelings of our wounds arise.

We have to continue to remind ourselves that we are walking it out and asking God to help us through this process.

How does one forgive when the wound is still open?

One of the things I have my clients do is write a letter to the person they need to forgive, have them read it out loud, and then dispose of it.

This forgiveness process is not about the person who caused the hurt, but about freeing you. To constantly go to the one who can genuinely heal that wound, God.

Walk this journey with me, and let’s choose to forgive, even if that means to forgive yourself. Choose to walk in your freedom today.

It takes courage to forgive, and it’s not a sign of weakness, no matter how loud the wounds or scars are screaming at you. It’s not about justice but your freedom.

Who do you need to forgive today? As you were reading this, who came to mind?

Choose to walk in your freedom today.

Carrier’s of Hope,

Sandy Cortes

Breathing Hope One Life at a Time!