When it is not easily detected

There it was moving quickly and agilely into different parts of my environment. Not being able to see fully, it camouflaged itself, and it took over my surroundings. I felt this crippling pain and recognized that it had its tail so profoundly sunken in me. With no sudden movement, it continued to stare at me, …

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That one thing that is crippling you!

Do you know you have the power within you to be a change agent? It is easy to allow our thoughts to dictate what we do or where we go in our lives. It's like the meaning of insanity "Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results." What is that one thing in your …

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“Caution, don’t get caught in the conflict jungle”

There is so much going on in our world today. People are being hypervigilant are in a state of increased anxiety which can cause so many different emotions due to what is going on with the CoronaVirus. Creating conflict in areas that we did not plan and were unprepared for. People are having to social …

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Invisible vs Visible

Have you learned to live with your mask? Or maybe you wear many different masks? Because your hustling for worthiness and continue to numb yourselves so that you do not feel or show your vulnerability to others. By holding a mask at all costs, because what if they would discover the real you?  Who is …

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Dig up the root to find the truth!

Have you ever wondered why we do the things we sometimes do? Maybe you are unaware that you are doing it! Sometimes the things we struggle with is rooted in something that might seem unrelated to the behavior itself.  I have been guilty of saying, "I'm going to stop doing this. As if it was …

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What road are you on?

I like having control over things, like what my upcoming weeks look like or knowing when and how I am going to handle a particular project. Or how to get my kids or husband to get them to do something I want them to do. I can predict the outcome and prepare accordingly for attitudes …

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“You may bend, but you won’t break.”

So many times in our lives, things happen that are out of our control and make us feel like it is going to break us. Well, mine started at the beginning of this year and has been steadily moving daily. This year has been a year of change, pushing me to face fears, insecurities, and …

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“Did I just say that?”

In the line of work that I do, it requires me to speak, address, and encourage. At times this can be a challenge for me, especially when you see someone making the same decisions over and over again, knowing that this has not been beneficial for that individual or the situation. I have been guilty …

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What are you afraid of and how does it affect you?

It's interesting to me how the word "change" means and affect people in different ways. One of my clients once told me, "That she wanted to apologize for the miscommunication she has had, but when she speaks to me that it is excellent, but it's intimidating. She stated when she sees me; I represent change, …

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Calculate your prey…

I was fascinated as I was watching a documentary about Lions. Did you know that a lion is a large cat and are known as “king of the beasts?” They are very territorial and truly defend their area against intruding lions and other animals. One of the ways a lion proclaims an area is by …

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To be continued…

Have you ever watched a tv show or movie that had you sitting at the edge of your seat anticipating what is going to happen next? Then all of sudden it ends with “To be continued”. You have all these emotions running through your veins and left wondering what just happened and why would they …

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Are you letting your junk build up?

Have you ever felt like there so many things going on all at the same time? Then that one little thing sets you off and you reflect on everything that’s not going right.  What do we do with that? Do you deal with things as they come up or are we just continuing to stuff …

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What is your verdict?

Today I was convicted in how many times in my own life I have judged, condemned or looked down upon others. Whether they have done something that was not according to my standards. I have been quick to express my opinion, even when the person has not asked for it. Or I have turned my …

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Being deformed rather than transformed

I recall back in my high school years I loved wearing high heels. Back then they were called pumps. This girl had a struct like a runway model always feeling ready for a show. Several years ago I began having pain on my left foot, so I decided to see a podiatrist. I am embarrassed …

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The importance of having friendships

Having friends in our lives is a necessity and can positively impact our lives. You can have acquaintances, which are more casual friends and than there are those that are worth chasing after to have a strong friendship. Some are closer to the heart. Those are the ones that have created influences in your life, …

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A death must take place

One of the hardest things to have to face is the death of a loved one. I know it is a part of life, but it is tough to go through. In 2007, my mother died of cancer, and there were so many different emotions that were taking place. I recall being numb and in …

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Did you sign a verbal agreement on that?

As I was working with a client on her belief system. I had her identify what some of her beliefs were.  As we were working through some of the lies, we ran across one that indicated, “I’m not smart enough”.  So, I probed a little and asked where did this stem from?  She indicated to …

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Retract or Come eat

Have you ever wondered why a turtle retracts its neck back into its shell?  I believed that it was used as a source of protection from their predators.  Many years ago, I was one who would retract as a source of protection.  Just as the turtle if I sensed fear or danger, I would go …

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Im starting with the “Man in the Mirror “

I like shopping for clothes especially when I see them on the mannequin and think, "That outfit is super cute". So I try on the outfit and say to myself, "Girl, you look good".  I walked right out the store with the entire outfit. I got home and put the outfit away for a special …

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Where did that come from?

One of the greatest opportunities I have is to coach people and get to know their story. I am all about getting into their world. I love getting to the root of things. Discovering the whys and hows.  In trying to figure why someone is acting out or are constantly in that situation.  When I …

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Where is that sharp pain coming from?

Have you ever walked into a room and there was a group of people laughing and having a conversation? Everyone stops, looks and then continues to laugh and carry on.  Or do you ever recall being in grade school and the teacher picks a different helper week after week and your never picked.  You begin …

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Who’s chomping on my crop?

When I visited Indiana I was amazed by how many crop fields there were. There were miles and miles of nothing but crop, farmhouses and tractors.  I saw vegetables like corn and tomatoes it was pretty neat. Then I wondered about the work that goes behind in having to maintain those fields. As a farmer they …

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Where is that smell coming from?

"Where is that smell coming from?"  You find yourself looking around trying to figure out where the stench is!  You continue to search and still can't find it.  It could be miles away but your nose has picked up the smell that it almost makes you gag.  I found where the smell is coming from, …

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What happened to your wind turbine?

As I was traveling through the beautiful countryside of Indiana I was fascinated by these beautiful wind turbines. I was curious to see what they do. A wind turbine is specifically developed to generate electricity.  It is a device that converts kinetic energy into electric energy. As I watched the windmill, it continued to move …

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Go,”I will hold the Frontline”

Today I am reminded of a movie called "Tears of the Sun."  In this movie the country was on the brink of a Civil War.  A.K. Waters, (Bruce Willis) was assigned to lead a team of soldiers into the Nigerian jungle to rescue Dr Lena Kendricks.  That was his mission in the movie.  He shares …

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