Where did that come from?


One of the greatest opportunities I have is to coach people and get to know their story. I am all about getting into their world. I love getting to the root of things. Discovering the whys and hows.  In trying to figure why someone is acting out or are constantly in that situation.  When I see clients, some need someone listening or need help with their challenges. The greatest part of the job is figuring out how I can help an individual move forward and identify certain things. Everyone comes in with an area of their lives that they are not aware of.

I look for those blind spots. Which tends to be an area where it is impacting them in a negative way and that they cannot see. Similar to when you’re driving and do not see the other car as you were attempting to cross over into the other lane.  The blinds spots that are ignored can be dangerous in life. Some can be things that an individual does by hurting others and themselves. Knowing full well what they are doing or go unnoticed. Whatever that is it can cause a great deal of pain and dysfunction.  These blinds spots can hinder seeing things accurately and misjudge things.

As I work with clients I love when I see the light bulb go off. So many different emotions of either joy or hurt come.  It is such a beautiful thing to see that unfold. They begin to realize some patterns in their character. Some wonder, “How have I missed this for so long?”  As I was coaching the client with her belief system and helping identify some of the lies.  Gradually moving along into helping build some truth statements.  The lie I was working on was, “I have to put up walls because people will always hurt me”.  That client I mentioned was “me”.

A lot of the times I am the client and God is the coach.  Being bullied throughout life I had a problem trusting.  I was guarded and anytime anyone wanted to be my friend it was a bit foreign to me. As I began to allow people in my world they would leave.  I am not sure if the pain of someone walking out of my life out did being bullied.  I always kept people at arm’s length setting an imaginary line that if people got too close they were not allowed to cross.

That was a blind spot in my life and I never knew it was there.  I began to realize that I had built walls.  I truly believed that by having walls up it was a healthy way of protecting myself.  It was so hard to bring those walls down and allow people into my life.  I was doing it afraid, but I was doing it.  The light bulb went off and I began to see the blind spot in my life.  God began to heal those broken pieces inside of me and has been faithful in his approach.

He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, so they can neither see with their eyes, nor understand with their hearts, nor turn—and I would heal them (John 12:40).

Life Application

  • So, what are your blind spots?
  • Do you have someone who is helping you along this journey?
  • Have things happen in life as you were crossing over you didn’t see the blind spot and were side swiped?


Sandy Cortes, Carrier’s of Hope

Breathing Hope One Life at a Time.


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